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Creating Health is an application of a powerful interdisciplinary understanding of a technology of creativity interlinked through a common set of information to create health, wealth, inner satisfaction or whatever we desire to create


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What is it?

Creating money and wealth captures the observations and lessons learned regarding creating conditions of money and wealth as revealed in a journey of exploration into the nature of our inherent creativity. It is a nontraditional and alternative based view on the issue of creating money and wealth based on the definition of what it means to create. It helps to addresses the issue as to why many individuals find it difficult to create the monetary wealth they seek.

What is provided here is not the definitive statement on creating money and wealth. Nor is it all that you need to know. Rather it discusses some of the issues and the lessons learned that keep individuals from creating the money and/or wealth they desire in their life. Additionally, it provides some thoughts and recommendations as to what to do about the key issues.


There are many books, teachers, consultants and the like that talk about how to make money and creating wealth. Many individuals have careers built on advising individuals as to how to go about doing this. However, everyone is not successful at making money and/or obtaining wealth. If they were, we wouldnít need all those book and teachers telling us how to do it. There would be no demand for such individuals. So the question is, "Why are some individuals so capable of obtaining money and wealth where as other individuals are not. Yet, both groups often seem to be using the same techniques and/or follow the same advisors?" Creating Money and Wealth provides some thoughts which answer this question.

Three observed primary issues

There are three observed issues that seem to arise relative to creating money and wealth. They are: the nature of a truly creative endeavor, the intention for our life, and programming.

The nature of a truly creative endeavor: To create means to bring into existence something not previously seen or experience or significantly different than the past. Mind only knows the past and what it has experienced. A truly creative endeavor takes us into the unknown where mind has not previously been. All mind can do is extrapolate the past into the future. To create we need to learn to be willing to step out of mind and beyond what mind knows.

Money is a medium of exchange created by society as an exchange for an expenditure of our creative life energy. That is, we do something and get paid for doing it. Money is a socially acceptable way of exchanging our creative life energy. We provide some type and kind of service by expending our time and creative life energy to perform that service. We are give money as compensation for what we have done. We can then use that money to exchange for the creative life energy others give us in service. Money has no value other than what we give it and is acceptable to another and society. It is often very much tied to what society holds valuable.

Barter is a form of exchange similar to money except that it tends to be between two individuals rather than society as a whole and it is not in a form normally acceptable by society as the medium of exchange. That is, what is barter between two individuals has value for the individual but not necessarily anyone else. Originally, individuals would barter. "You do this for me, I do this for you." In time, humans began to exchange things for services. "I will give you this food if you cut this wood." Eventually, precious materials, such a gold or silver, were use to exchange for goods or services. Money is just a socially acceptable form of exchange of goods and services. To use or think about money ties us both to the past and to the human collective and what it means to be a human being. Money does not exist outside the human collective and beyond what value our mind places on money. This is a very important point. Money ties us to society and what it thinks and believes about money. More importantly it holds us to the past and how money arose to have value in society.

The key to issue of creating money is that money is a socially accepted tool and money is about exchange our creative life energy. Our creative life energy is what we use to create anything we desire to experience. The fact that money is a socially accepted way of exchanging creative life energy causes us to become tied to the social, if not human, collective just to think about money. It is here where the root of the problem with creating money and wealth lies. To create is to step into the unknown. To think about money ties us to the past and the human collective. In essence, creating and thinking about money creatively pull us in opposite directions.

Wealth is similarly tied to what it means to be a human being and the human collective. Wealth only exists in comparison to some standard of comparison held by the human mind. Wealth has no meaning outside of what our mind and society holds a valuable. To think about wealth ties us to the past and to the human collective.

In understanding these concepts, we can see the difficultly in truly creating money and wealth. Focusing on money and the normal ways money is made is to live in the past and takes us in the opposite direction in which we need to go to create While the intention and act of creating is pulling us into the unknown, the very thing we desire to create pulls us into the past. But there are some key things one can do to create money and wealth and not be pulled into the past.

Making money and making wealth is different than creating money and creating wealth. Most individuals do not create money and wealth. Rather they make money and make wealth based on well identified or not so well identified principles. To make money or make wealth, it is to follow the proven path. However, the proven path is not a creative path. Attempting to follow the path of another even if it is new for you is to follow the proven path A proven path is one that we know the rules that govern the path. Few truly create. A creative path is one where we have no idea of the rules that are actually influencing what we create. Often individuals think they are creating something when they are following a proven path.

To make money is to follow discovered and established ways. Creating money and creating wealth is about stepping into the unknown. Often what occurs is that an individual thinks they are making money or making wealth when they are actually creating a path and they donít really understand exactly what they are doing, why they are doing it and why they are successful. In actually they are stepping into the unknown when they think they are think they know what they are doing. This is why when someone then tries to copy what they individual had done they do not find the success they seek. Quite simply what the individual did is not what they think they did and report to others as having done. This is more common than most realize.

It needs to be understood, there are fundamental rules that govern Physical Creation. For example, a living organism needs food, water and air to exists. Air is difficult to control. However, individuals can control the availability of food and water. As long as they are plentiful and readily available sources of food and water, there are no supply and demand issues. However, if food or water becomes scare, the issue of supply and demand arises. The individuals who control the supply can force those who have the demand to pay what is asked for what is supplied. Those who control the supply are seen to have wealth and can create more wealth by how they manipulate those who have the need. Although water and food are used as an example, this is true for anything that can be exchanged between two individuals. However, often things that are exchanged between individuals have no real value other than what the individual give it. In this regard, often there is a illusion around where is of real and lasting value.

To manipulate the existing rules of Creation as they have been manipulated in the past is not creating. It is repeating the past. To manipulate the rules of Creation in a new way not previously done is a creative endeavor. However, anyone else who follows is only repeating the past and not creating. They may be creating a new experience for themselves but not in the overall context of society and what it means to create money and wealth relative to society. To do for oneself for the first time what another has done is to create in a very shallow way. The only unknown one enters is the unknown of onesí own being. One does not enter the unknown relative to what money is and what wealth is relative to society.

To truly create money and wealth is to find is about finding, stumbling into, or creating something that does not currently exist that captures the interest of society such that members of society are willing to exchange money. In this regard, many take credit for making money on supplying something new that society desires or find useful. But it is not necessarily the individualís thinking that has made the money. It is that they happened to be at the right place at the right time with the right idea or thought that society wants. That is, whomever was there first got the rewards.

If one looks carefully, most inventions/innovations are based on thoughts carried by several if not many different people about the same time. However, there is usually only one individual that is in the right place at the right time for them to be able to do the right thing to bring their thought to manifestation and be noticed by society. In doing so, their idea takes off. Or, someone takes the idea of another and can do something with that thought that the originator of the idea cannot do that captures the attention of society. When society is willing to pay for something, wealth and money flow to the individual who control what is supplied. Of course, someone who sees what is happening and the interest society has for a new idea can also capitalize on that interest. However, they are not creating, the creation is done. They are copying and/or capitalizing on the creative efforts of another.

The bottom line here is that to create money and wealth, there are two things which need to be happen. One is the need to be willing to step into the unknown where there is no guarantee of success and also find something of interest to society as whole No matter how magnificent a finding, if it does not hold the interest of society, money and wealth will not result.

One can always look for something that is new and interests society. Many do this all the time. But this is a very hit and miss operation and we are foolish to think this will bring us the money and wealth we desire. However, if we have an intuitive feel, then we probably should pursue it for that brings us to the second issue we face in creating money and wealth and that is the intention for our life.

The intention for our life: Although many do not believe this or even have a belief system that allows for it, we are not here by accident. There is a reason for us being here in Physical Creation in a human body having a human physical experience. There are things our creative spirit incarnated to do and particular types and kinds of experiences it incarnated to have. This was probably the second most significant findings in the exploration of our inherent creativity. The first was that we each possess a creative spirit that needs to be free to unfold and create what it desires to create. When that was realized, it become rather obvious this creative spirit was here on a mission so to speak and that mission is best reflected in an intention for our life or the business of our life.

It is this particular issue that give individuals that great problem in creating money and wealth. Quite simply, many of us are not here to create and/or make money and wealth. We are here to do other things and have other experiences. Having sufficient money and wealth to live life to accomplish what we incarnated to do is one thing. Having the money and wealth that many seek will in fact keeps many of us from what we are here to do. As a minimum the focus of our attention and awareness gets divert from what we need to do. To create or make money and wealth requires a particular type and kind of focus of our attention and awareness. To be focused on making or creating money and wealth takes the focus of our attention and awareness away from other things. The diversion of our focus may not allow us to fulfill the intention for our life. This separation from creating what we incarnated to do creates a tension if not pain within our being.

Yet, there are others that are here specifically to have the experience of creating and/or making money and wealth. We each are a very unique creation and actually a world unto ourselves. It is just that we are having a shared collective experience of Physical Creation We each have very unique purposes for being here. It needs to be understood the intention for our life acts as a deep undercurrent directing our life into the types and kinds of experiences we desire to have. The intention for our life is the source of our life and the source of our creative power in this life. Some may find themselves seemingly continually pulled from having the money and wealth their mind desires for other types and kinds of experiences.

When we are not aligned in some way with the intention for our life, we rob ourselves of both life and our creative power. When we move against the intention for our life we may feel discomfort, depression, separation, an inner longing or outright inner pain if not accident, illness or disease. We may find we do not seem to have or are incapable of accessing the creative ability and creative power and/or the active creative imagination  that allows us to create what our mind wants. We can read all the books in the world on given topic, have all the lessons and coaching that is possible, and have the best advisors that can be had and still not be successful. Or, we may find and get what our mind thinks is success but we still experience a great dissatisfaction and discomfort and a lack such that we are not satisfied.

When we align with the intention for our life there is an easiness about life. There is a fulfillment in what we do no matter how much money we make and whether or not we are wealthy in the eyes of the world. There in a inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in the world in what we do. Wealth as viewed by society becomes irrelevant to what we do and how we do it. If what we do is readily accepted by society the money will flow. If what we do is not accepted by society there is an awareness that what we incarnated to do may be to take society into places where it has not yet been and we here to help create those new experiences. Although there may be a mental disappointment as not getting the rewards from society that mind desires, the inner satisfaction never leaves in what we do as long as we are doing what we incarnated to do. It is this point that takes us to the third issue we face, the programming we have received about life.

Programming: Programming affects what we are capable of creating in two ways. It affects what we create by what we think we know and by what we donít know.

Relative to what we think, whether we realize it or not, based on the experiences we have had and who and what we have been enculturated to believe, we have been programmed to believe how the world and society works and who and what we are. Our programming is not always correct on any of these points. We then make assumptions based on what we think and believe and this programming as to how we should act and respond in the world to create what we desire that are not always valid. Additionally, what we think is happening in a given situation is not always what is really happening. We are biased in what we experience by how and what we have come to think and believe. In the end, we seem unable to create what we desire. Relative to what we think and believe it is important to take inventory to see if what we think and believe is really correct.

Relative to what we donít know, there are rules which govern Physical Creation and there are rules which govern our society. Often we are not aware of the rules. Normally, the rules of Physical Creation will not be within our power to change. Although the rules governing our society may not be in our power to change, we donít have to follow the rules of society if we are willing to face the consequences of going outside the rules of society to follow the Left Hand Path or to simply violate the rules of society. Many seek to circumvent the rules of society or push the edge of their limit simply to have society reviews it rules to address such actions.

In either case, unless our programming is an accurate reflection of the rules of Physical Creation and the rules of our society, what we think and believe will actually interfere and/or impede with want we desire to create. We may find we will need to spend some time and effort learning the rules of Physical Creation and/or our society relative to what we desire to create until we obtain the minimum set of experience we need to have in the area of question. How much time this take depends on how we desire to go about creating what we desire. To create money and wealth, many think they need to get some type and kind of business or management related college degree. However, with a clear intention, we can allow our intuitive guidance to guide us to obtain what we need to manifest our desired creation.

The topic, "Aspects of programming which can affect our creative ability" provides some thoughts as to what areas of our enculturation which may be affecting our ability to create money and wealth.

Some areas of which to be aware

In attempting to create money and wealth, in addition to the three primary issues above, there are several things of which we should be aware as to why they exist and what we can do about them. Otherwise their existence can, and most probably will, interfere with our creative endeavor.

Issue of inner lack: We need to remember money is a socially approved medium of exchange of our creative life energy. As such it is related to creating or taking away life in come way. Our inner world is reflected in the outer world. If we do not create the feeling of abundance within our being, no matter how successful we may become in the eyes of the world we will not find what we seek. We will never have enough no matter how much we have. We cannot get externally what needs to come internally. Many look to creating money and wealth to satisfy the feeling of an inner lack, a inner longing and/or some other feeling of discomfort within. The topic, "Issue of inner lack." discusses the main issue we face when we donít feel abundance in life, a inner lace or an inner longing within our being.

The issue of fear and the unknown: If you are not going to follow anotherís path to make money and wealth and truly desire to create them, you will have to step into the unknown. For many, to think about the unknown, let alone entering the unknown, causes fear to arise. There are an enormous number of failed adventures one can point as to why it is unsafe to pursue creating money and wealth. However, we cannot fear the unknown. We can only fear the past and project that fear into the future. Yet it is foolish not realize there are true hazards in the unknown. The topics "Dealing with fear" provides some thoughts and considerations about dealing with fear.

Requirement to manifest an intention or desire: There are some essential things which must be addressed to manifest any intention or desire. The topic, "Five requirements to manifest and intention or desire," provides a summary of five such requirements. There are other things which need to be considered but these five appear to be the basic essential requirements.

To create is to be different: To create requires us to step into the unknown and out of mind as we know mind. That is we must step out of what we think and believe and the ego we have created as a result of the experiences we have. In doing so, we will look different to those in our life. Some will like what they see, others will not. If we are not prepared to become different and to be seen different from those in our life we will thwart our own creative efforts.

A suggested approach to create money and wealth

The issue we face in creating money and/or wealth is to be able to step into the unknown to find the creative solution we seek yet not be pulled into the collective human thinking that arises when we think about money and wealth. It needs to be reiterated, to create by its very definition is to bring into existence something not previously seen and/or experienced or it is significantly different than the past. Our mind only knows the past and what we have experienced. So it is of little use in guiding us in the unknown. If we focus on money and wealth the way society views money and wealth we will continually be pulled into the past thwarting our own creative efforts.

To enter the unknown to create money and wealth, we need a different method and approach to navigate into, and through, the unknown. What this means is that if we follow our mind, we will simply be recreating the past in a different way. If we want to be free of the past to experience something different to create that money and wealth, we need to learn to somehow step out of mind. But if we are to step out of mind, how can we find our way?

The answer lies in feminine creative power and the feminine aspect of our being. The feminine aspect of our being is what is nourishing and sustaining our life and any creation and/or creative endeavor. By learning to align with the flow of energy that sustains our life we optimize the creative power available to us to create what we desire to create. Here in lies an approach. Look to find something desired by society which aligns with the intention for our life. The recommendation is to set the intention and in holding that intention so as to not lose focus, ask our intuitive guidance, "What does society desire and need that aligns with the intention for my life?" Then, pursue that intention honoring the guidance received trusting in the creative process to create what society desires. Then, in meeting the desires of society trust that society will be willing to provided the necessary money and wealth to satisfy your true needs. Here again, not what our mind wants and thinks are our needs, but our true need.

The issue is not necessary to have lots of money or wealth in society. The issue is to have sufficient money and wealth but to have a fulfillment of life and in living life. Aligning with and living the intention for our life will fulfill that need.

A gentle phoenix for creating money and wealth

Any creative endeavor requires a sacrifice and an experience of the chaos of creation. Sacrifice and chaos are part of the creative process. The sacrifice of creation is often experienced as a death accompanied by pain. Although there are things that do need to be faced in any creative endeavor which can give rise to pain, it is possible to create a gentle phoenix for any creative endeavor we wish to undertake. In this regard, we can create a gentle phoenix to create money and wealth.

To create that gentle phoenix we need to be willing to become the embodiment of the principles as to how  our inner world is reflected in the outer world. We need to see how what we think and believe is creating the experiences we have. That is, the pain we experience within our being is reflective of how our consciousness is not free to transform itself to become the seed for the new experience we desire to have.

To create a gentle phoenix, we need to give ourselves permission and the safe and secure space within our own being to enter our creative imagination  and explore options. If we do not have the freedom within our own being to explore options, we will never find the freedom in our external world to do what we need to do to create that gentle phoenix. In particular, we need to look to see where we do and do not hold our own creativity sacred and move to create that space and way of being were we do hold it sacred. In doing so, we will have the inspiration and understanding to make any creative endeavor as fast, easy and gentle as possible. However, we do need to remember as discussed in the topic, "Growing our creation" is that Physical Creation is a place of unfoldment and we need to grow our creation.

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