The issue of inner lack

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The issue of inner lack is about not feeling abundance in life, a inner peace, an inner satisfaction, a contentment with life or we have an inner longing within our being. More often than not, we look externally to somehow satisfy this lack of abundance, obtain inner piece, find contentment and/or satisfy this inner longing. Many look to creating money and wealth or they seek a mate to satisfy the feeling of an inner lack, a inner longing and/or some other feeling of discomfort within. Or they seek to obtain some other success criteria provided by society in hopes of satisfying these feelings.

It needs to be understood, our inner world is reflected in our outer world. If we do not create the feeling of abundance, inner peace, contentment and the like within our being, no matter how successful we may become in the eyes of the world we will not find what we seek. We cannot get externally what needs to come internally. We need to look within to find what is giving rise to what we feel.

Whether we realize it or not, we each have an inner masculine and an inner feminine. There is an inner dance which must be performed. In addition to the inner masculine and inner feminine learning a dance with each other, each needs to mature. Otherwise, the inner masculine cannot properly excite the inner feminine or the inner feminine cannot properly excite the inner masculine to create what needs to be created. Rather, we will look externally for what is not being fulfilled internally. When we look externally for what must occur internally we rob ourselves of our ability to create. That is, we are looking externally for what we ourselves must provide internally and will never find externally what we seek.

Most never properly develop the inner masculine and inner feminine. More often than not the inner masculine is intentionally or inadvertently castrated by the world in which we find ourselves. Most feel some type and kind of internal dissatisfaction, inner longing, feeling of separation, lack of piece, lack of satisfaction or just the feeling that something is missing in life. Most end up looking externally for what seems to be missing and then become puzzled as to why they cannot create what they desire, find what the seek or create a life worth living. The issue is quite simply they are looking in the wrong direction.

If there is feeling of a lack of abundance, inner peace, inner satisfaction and or the existence of an inner longing, the recommendation is to consider the topic, "Learning to dance - taking the next step to meet your creative spirit." to learn to work with your creative spirit to find an inner abundance and inner satisfaction. Then allow that inner state to be reflected externally.

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